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#5069 Pair of Mid-Century Vintage Bali Siam Dancer Statues

#5069 Pair of Mid-Century Vintage Bali Siam Dancer Statues

SKU: 5069-003
$450.00 Regular Price
$250.00Sale Price
Unique, extremely rare mid-century Pair of beautiful Siam Bali Dancer Statues. These are heavy, intricately sculpted figurines that measure 18.5" Tall. At the base beneath the dancer's skirt, the piece is signed "Universal Stuatuary Co. Chicago 22 ©1957".
This pair is stunning and very detailed. Condition is fair to good for their age - they are constructed from Chalkware Plaster and they were used as patio decorations for a few years, so there is some discoloration and some cracks and chips, including a lost nose on one of the faces. However, we think this adds an extra element of vintage beauty to them and believe they would make an excellent addition to any home, whether displayed indoor or out. For indoor display, we would suggest attaching a piece of felt to the bottom of the bases to prevent scratching/wear on delicate surfaces.

    Heavy at 9 lbs.+ and each one is approx. 18.5H x 8W x 5D. 


    Please contact us for availability of piece and for more information on condtion. We ship worldwide. Contact for shipping quotes. 

    All sales are final! No refunds!

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